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Empower every person in your company to make sustainable decisions

Incept Sustainability

is a unique combination e-learning and analytics software

Allowing you to gain insight into the sustainability opportunities within your company - while developing the skills of the people who will make these opportunities come to life.

The solution for companies that believe sustainability is achieved together


Our process starts with customizable data collecting e-learning for all employees that covers key areas of corporate sustainability while gathering information from all participants about sustainability within your company.


Our data-driven tool takes all the information gathered from the e-learning and provides you with the overview needed to develop sustainability where it is matters most - focusing your efforts.


In the final step, we use our knowledge to provide you with a concrete action plan built on the analytics. This plug and play solution allows you to easily implement sustainable initiatives that are tailored to your organization and situation.

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Our team

We are currently 3 founders who have been working together for a year and half. Our common mission is to influence the way corporate sustainability works today - and to teach as many as possible about the principles of sustainability in the workplace!

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