Incept Sustainability is an online learning and analytics site with simple and short guides introducing topics
within the field of sustainability, designed to be shared and completed by an entire organisation.

All our learning material is interactive and focus on the work of the individual employee,
which allows us to collect insights, feedback and ideas from all corners of your organisation.

The Journey

Find and purchase the guides that your organisation needs.

Start Journey

Find and purchase the guide or guide package you want.

Interactive Learning

Distribute and follow the completion of guides within your organisation.


Watch and engage as people get empowered to action through learning.

Incept Analytics

Gain feedback and insights through the guides from all over your organisation.


Make actionable strategic and practical goals based on quantifiable data.


Our Products


An Incept Sustainability guide is a 30 minute interactive introduction to a specific topic within sustainability. The guide consists of a series of multimedia elements with easy and concrete exercises relating to users organisation and everyday work.

Guide Packages

An Incept Sustainability guide package is a collection of 3-6 guides. The purpose of the guide package is to provide the user with a step-by-step learning journey towards one specific subject.


Incept Analytics

Incept Analytics is a service that tracks the user input from the guides creating tangible reports for an organisation. The reports visualise a summary of insights and ideas from the users within an organisation.


We learn from people

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