Incept Sustainability

About Us

Incept Sustainability was founded in 2019 by Sofie, Katrine, and Alechandrina – three DTU students dreaming of influencing how corporate sustainability works in organisations today and tomorrow.

We have been part of several ‘ignite’, accelerator’ and ‘grow’ programmes to develop Incept Sustainability from a dream to a prototype to a proper product now ready to meet the market. 

Being young professionals, our tool is designed to match what our hearts beat for and what we think is needed in most corporations; namely more bottom-up engagement rather than yet another top-down activity. For corporate sustainability this is paramount as employees are eager to get involved, have lots of ideas, appreciate giving feedback, want to learn more about sustainability – and could as such be the missing link between strategy and whole-hearted execution.

“With less than a decade to meet the 2030 targets, we think the world needs a new approach to achieving sustainability. Together.”

A part of Ramboll​

Since 2021, we have been part of Denmark’s largest consultancy, Ramboll. With 16,500 people worldwide and a mission to make people and nature flourish, we could not think of a better home for us and for our Incept Sustainability tool.

We are anchored in Ramboll’s Management Consulting division teaming up with passionate, likeminded professionals in the ‘Strategic Sustainability Consulting’ team. Therefore, our e-learning and analytics tool will be a vital part of our overall consulting offer. With hundreds of sustainability experts across Ramboll, we now provide the whole chain of transformation support with employee education and engagement as a centre-piece to deeply wove sustainability into the very fabric of an organisation and by this get to a sustainability culture.

At Ramboll Management Consulting, we pride ourselves to be triple-bottom-line advisors. The Incept Sustainability logo builds on this approach to sustainability realising that economy, environment and social must be balanced for the world to develop sustainably and letting future generations meet their needs as we do ours.

Nominated for SDG Tech Awards

In 2021, Incept Sustainability was nominated for the SDG Tech Awards. The goal of the award is to highlight the best sustainability solutions in Denmark and encourage stakeholders to implement them.