Incept Sustainability

About Us

Incept Sustainability was founded by three DTU students with the aim of influencing and shaping how corporate sustainability works in organisations today via a bottom-up approach rather than traditional top down methods.

The impact of sustainable decisions are incredibly important - not only as opportunities for organisations, but also for our economy, society and environment. The clock is ticking, and we have 11 years remaining until 2030 to help shape how things will look by that target.

"We want to influence and shape how corporate sustainability works today, and teach as many as we can about sustainable principles in the workplace."

Section title

We realise that it is not possible to achieve sustainability alone - nor should it ever be the single effort of one or a few individuals. If companies wish to become more sustainable and begin making sustainable business decisions as part of their everyday operations, then employees need to be able to understand and participate in the discussion. A bottom-up approach is paramount in ensuring that everyone can be a part of the transformation process and make their mark. By starting with employees, we ensure that data is collected from every corner of the organisation and everyone can give their feedback, opinions, and views.


Collecting employee feedback throughout the modules allows us to gather the largest amount of data whilst ensuring that it's current, relevant, and fresh at each stage of the process.


By paring e-learning with continuous data collection, we offer something unique that is not currently seen on the market elsewhere; a complete package rather than only one half of the equation.


By doing this, we make sure that our evaluation and reporting is the richest it can possibly be to give the most accurate insights and detailed next steps for moving forward with your sustainability plan.