Incept Sustainability

See how it works

Incept Sustainability is a unique combination of e-learning and analytics software allowing you to gain insight into the sustainability opportunities within your company - while developing the skills of the people who will make these opportunities come to life.

The solution for companies that believe sustainability is achieved together

Engage every employee

Get your employees involved with e-learning and hear their ideas and comments whilst they learn about sustainability.

Get an overview at all times

Keep track of how many employees have taken the e-learning modules and see where they are in the process to ensure full coverage.

Analytics and tracking feature

Explore the data and see trends, popular ideas, and common feedback points. All the important information right at your fingertips.

Analytics and tracking feature

Use the data, ideas, and comments to map out your strategy for moving forward with sustainability.

The solution for companies that believe sustainbility is achieved together


Our process starts with customizeable data collecting e-learning for all employees that covers key areas of coroprate sustainbility while gathering information from all participants about sustainability within your company.


Our data-driven tool takes all the information gathered from the e-learning and provides you with the overview needed to develop sustainability where it is matters most - focusing your efforts.


In the final step. we use our knowledge to provide you with a concrete action plan built on the analytics. This plug and play solution allows you to easily implement sustainable initiatives that are tailored to your organization and situation.