Incept Sustainability

Grow your internal competencies while obtaining unique insights on sustainability in your organisation

Learn: Engaging e-learning with survey elements

Incept Sustainability is an e-learning tool that integrates survey elements naturally in the learning journey.

The learning journey is designed to engage and gather input and ideas from employees. We create a two-way learning environment where employees will learn while giving feedback/input from their standpoint allowing you to take the pulse of your organisation.

This two-way approach enables learners to insert themselves in the material in a new way, thus providing a long-lasting learning experience than regular e-learning.

Analyse: What is the current situation on sustainability?

Whether you are from HR, Business Development, Corporate Sustainability, or any other function, you will be able to infuse your company’s decision-makers with sustainability insights coming from the organisation using the e-learning tool.

What is material to your company, how do staff rate current efforts and what to improve next? The analytics dashboard gives you real-time insights along the way and lets you monitor adaptation to see if an additional communication push is needed to drive up engagement.

Act: Use your resources efficiently with data based recommendations

Finally, we give you a detailed summary report comprising cumulative data and clear recommendations for the next steps. As such, you practically get a tailored action plan at no extra cost.