Incept Sustainability

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Incept Sustainability is a unique combination of e-learning and analytics software allowing you to gain insight into the sustainability opportunities within your company – while developing the skills of the people who will make these opportunities come to life.


The prerequisite for any change is knowledge. In a fast-paced corporate world, Incept Sustainability lets you easily educate and engage employees in sustainability. Fully online. And with unlimited participants.

We have hand-picked the essentials of sustainability presented through four e-learning modules. The training progress is visualised and stored allowing the employee to make progress at their own pace. Along the training journey, the employees are encouraged to share thoughts on the specific challenge related to the company.


Whether you are from HR, Business Development, Corporate Sustainability or any other function, you will be able to infuse your company’s decision-makers with sustainability insights coming from the organisation using the e-learning tool. What is material to your company, how do staff rate current efforts and what to improve next?

The analytics dashboard gives you real-time insights along the way and lets you monitor adaptation to see if an additional communication push is needed to drive up engagement. Finally, we give you a detailed summary report comprising cumulative data and clear recommendations for next steps. As such, you practically get a tailored action plan at no extra cost.

“Thank you for launching this training. Having gone through the Incept Sustainability modules it has definitely helped me in my understanding of sustainability."

- Employee

> Engage every employee

Get your employees involved with e-learning and hear their ideas and comments whilst they learn about sustainability.

> See overview real-time

Keep track of how many employees have taken the e-learning  and see where they are in the process to ensure full coverage.

> Analytics and tracking

Explore data and see trends, popular ideas, and common feedback. All the important information right at your fingertips.

> Infuse your strategy

Use the data, ideas, and comments to map out your strategy for moving forward with sustainability.