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We appeal to a mixture of sizes and shapes when it comes to organisations – no one size fits all. Therefore, we always start with a conversation about your needs.

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Our guides are for organisations that want to include, empower and enable as many as possible within their business to make sustainable decisions. Incept analytics is for organisations that wish to use their people resources to gain new perspectives and to truly understand every part of their business for sustainable improvements - all with one report.

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High flexibility and low time use
Simple and gamified learning, perfect for a brain break between tasks
Becoming impactful at the job

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High flexibility and low time use
Easy system for setting goals and tracking progress
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Sustainable culture
Organisation wide insights and ideas for progress
Quantifiable reports and streamlined organisation

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Understanding Sustainability for Startups

This guide is the first in the series ‘Understanding sustainability’. This guide introduces Sustainable development and the definitions, tools and frameworks that are being used today.

The expected outcome consist of individual structured reflection about sustainability and sustainability in the context of your firm/startup. This reflection can be used in the guide: Integrating Sustainability in the business plan.