Our Guide packages

An Incept Sustainability guide package is a collection of 3-6 guides. The purpose of the guide package is to provide the user with a step-by-step learning journey towards one specific subject.

Below is the list of available and upcoming guide packages.


Kick off package

This guide package is a basic introduction to sustainability; why it is important and how it is defined and applied.

The package includes 5 guides of 30 minutes and is intended for established organisations.

The facts of sustainability
The bottom-line of sustainability
The mindsets of sustainability
The systems of sustainability
The practice of sustainability

Sustainability in business plan package

This guide package includes a basic introduction to sustainability and how to implement it in a business plan.

The package includes 2 guides of 50 minutes and one team guide of 2 hours. Intended for startups.

Understanding sustainability for startups
Sustainability in practice for startups
Implementing sustainability in your business plan for startups